Association Hilfswerk Gömürgen e.V.

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By , 20. October 2011 14:46

We the members oft he village Gömürgen are widely-spread in Germany. We believe in strengthening our solidarity by considering this fact and by setting up a connection between our young and old villagers. We want to bring near to our young educated people that all of them have the same roots. Consequently, we intend to make it easier for them in order to get to know each other and to make friends. Additionally, we propose to facilitate an interchange of ideas among our young educated people. The main aim is building up a dialog between the people living in our village and the people living in Germany. Being aware of the fact that we all originate from the same region in Turkey, we want to support the inhabitants living there. We have founded an aid organization Gömürgen on the 23rd September 2001 in order to succeed. We are known as a non-commercial union since the 14th April 2002.

Yours sincerely,