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Description of the village Gömürgen


Gömürgen lies inAnatolia, which is one of the oldest settlement areas of the world. Exact data for the establishment of the village are not well-known. It is assumed that between 1594 and 1644 seven Turkmeni emigrant families ofCentral Asiasettled in the environment and until to today are employed into sheep breeding.  


Gömürgen belongs to the district Akkışla, which belongs again to the provinceKayseri. It lies 6 kilometers far away from Akkışla and 86 kilometers fromKayseri. In the east and southeast is the Hınzır mountain and the village Ortaköy. Akkışla lies to the west of Gömürgen. South of Gömürgen, likewise associated with the district Akkisla, lies the district Uğurlu and the village Ganışeh.

Gömürgen, lies over 1400-1500m over the sea level and has a land climate. The vegetation reminds of a desert. The reason for it lies in the constant over feasting and the unusual high clearing of the ground around the country in order to convert to pastureland. This again is the reason for the erosion danger into and around Gömürgen.

Living space and ground structure

Due to the rising number of inhabitants the mixed housings and the fact with the needs of the village is not dealt with, only a few new settlement areas have developed. These settlement areas are however are constructed without plan and take unnecessarily a wide area, whereby the formation of the infrastructure is more difficult in these areas. A sewage disposal does not exist it in the village.

Social structure, customs and sporty activities

A very large part of the population is not under social security. The life of the old people and the disabled people becomes ever more difficult. The young people are often without training and occupation and their future is uncertain. Sporty activities or associations do not exist.

The problems of the village

As already pointed out the municipality has many problems, which reflect themselves in wholeTurkey

The main problems are the following:

1. Production is not up-to-date and becomming insufficient

2. The education system is from below average quality

3. The village has drinking water and irrigation problems

4. The village is strongly affected by erosion

5. The village youth is uncertain about their future

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